Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Word-full Wednesday…

This weekend we celebrated Keston’s 3rd birthday & the poor lil’ guy was sick! ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!! So NOT fair. He’s on the mend now. After 4 days of high fevers of 102-104 & being very lethargic, he’s back to being RoWdY & eating like normal. The Dr thought he could have strep & today we should learn whether the strep culture was positive or negative. Honestly, after his recent behavior, I expect it to be negative. The kid has bounced back like a champ! And fortunately no one else has caught his bug.

In the midst of having a sick little boy the laundry piled up, the floors got dirtier, the cupboards & fridge became bare, and our garden exploded with beautiful ripe red tomatoes.  There’s still much to be done around here, and in the past couple days I’ve been doing my best to get our home back to “normal.” 

Sometimes normal seems impossible though.  Yesterday I finally made it to the grocery at 9:30 in the evening. I had my list & my coupons. I was prepared!  Tired, but PREPARED!! Then when I went to check out I realized I didn’t have my coupons. WHAT THE CRAP!?!?  That’s a really defeating feeling when you think you’re going to get really good deals on what you’re buying & then NOPE, you screwed up. Fork over the $$$, Julie! Then as I arrived home at 11pm  I was reminded of all there was yet to do.  The sink FULL of dirty dishes taunted me as I went to & fro putting our groceries away. The load of laundry that had been in the washer since the evening before needed re-washed & then dried so my husband could have clean clothes for the gym in the morning. The bucket full of tomatoes grew fuller, needing blanched & chopped before they rot. Every room in my house needs attention and I’m pretty sure it smells like sweaty feet & farts in our living room. It was all more than I could handle at midnight…not to mention that our central air had just gone out.  I took a bath & went to bed.

Then today I woke up! I was still alive! The stress didn’t get the best of me!! Today I feel refreshed. There’s still more than enough work to do around here but I don’t feel defeated like I did last night. And to make it even better, my husband skipped the gym so I could “sleep in” AND he did the dishes!!! Gotta love him! This afternoon I’ve started  working on making bread & spaghetti sauce & am trying to catch up on more laundry. All morning the boys & I stayed busy outside. We built a tent in our yard & packed a picnic. Thanks to me we ate some rather expensive string cheese…but we’re all happy though and I’d pay full price for that any day.

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