Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MORE Tasty Tuesday Suggestions!

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Listen up my friends!! I have two suggestions for you today. First, check out my cousin Donna’s blog & second, check out my sister Michelle’s blog. They both have obviously inherited our great-grandma Mildred’s talent for making PERFECT food & are today they both are sharing some recipes!

Here’s Donna’s -


  Sweetness, Sunshine & Mischief 

 Foster Family Beef & Noodles


Here’s Michelle’s -

Thrift Store Rock Star

Roast Beef Enchiladas

This must be a good day for great mouth-watering recipes! If you feel the nudge to “follow” them, I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed! Donna is HILARIOUS & is such a great Writer/Picture taker/Mommy/Wife/Sharer!  As for my sister, well, she’s my sister Smile Her talents are never ending! None of us look alike, but there’s no doubt that we were cut from the same cloth!

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  1. #1: Aw, shucks.
    #2: I AM trying Michelle's recipe. That just sounds AND looks delicious.
    #3: You are SO creative, SO much fun to follow, and SO AWESOME!


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