Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gone.... Forever?

So did you think I was gone forever?  It's been SOOOooooo long since I've posted - not because I haven't been working up fabulous projects just because... Well, its SUMMER who wants to be stuck indoors on a PC - when you can be outside?  The kids were off school and between that and work I've been enjoying my summer away from the PC.

I have been busy with lots of projects - I've got lots to share so check back often!!

Here is a sneak peak of what is coming up - 11 year old girls bedroom makeover (this was her 4H project). 
Everything for this makeover came off a sale/clearance rack or second hand somewhere. Stay tuned this week for more pics & all the details!!


  1. I can't wait til Anna is ready for a bed without rails. Why? Cause you have inspired me to be creative. However, we shall see how well I do with modge-podging...

  2. I want to see pics!!!! Lots and lots of pics!!!


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