Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bench Makeover

Time for another super simple makeover!

This bench was originally a 'curbside freebie' my Dad's Girlfriend found one day.  Then it ended up at my garage sale where I bought it.  When we lived in our turn of the century home it fit the decor nicely and we used it as a window seat.  Since we've moved to our current home it has been sitting in our storage room.
I really thought we'd use it in one of our room makeovers but I've not found the right 'fit' in our home for this bench.  Either way it really deserved a makeover...
Since the fabric is in perfect condition - imagine something white staying white?  It's perfect!  The only thing I did with this bench was to remove the seat.  Then I primed the wood with Krylon Primer then used 3 cans of Krylon Ivory Spray paint to give it the new look.  

I think it turned out great!  It wasn't bad before but now she's ready for a new home!  
She'll be for sale at ReHab Fab This Fall!  
Check back often for more Blog Makeover's that I'll be consigning at ReHab Fab!

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  1. I don't know how this happened, but I tried to comment on THIS post, and it went on the Like Me on Facebook post. Blogger is acting so weird lately. ANYWAY, IF I lived in Ohio, I'd buy this bench for the girls' room. Beautiful.


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