Thursday, August 25, 2011


This is something new & fun for me! It’s called Insta Friday @ Life Rearranged,  where I post the pics I took with my phone throughout the week! Yep – my week in cell-phone pictures!!

I’ve enjoyed seeing other bloggers’ Insta Friday posts so I decided that had to jump in too!

Here we go!!


I knew we should’ve named him “Bubba”


Swinging at the park together after a lunch picnic Smile



This week Caleb picked out his backpack for preschool. I surprised him by filling it with fun school things like colored pencils, paper, stickers…ya know, fun stuff that preschoolers really don’t need,  He was PUMPED about the goodies & drew me this picture – it’s a dinosaur with a hat on, but I think it looks like Donkey from Shrek. Yes, my 4 year old is an amazing artist. I know this. I’m not bragging. It’s a fact!


More artwork from my 4 year old. He made a sign to put on our kitchen cabinet to keep his baby brother out of it. Eli loves to open this door & empty the shelves. This is a drawing of Eli with an “X” over it!

Cracks me up!


Looks like Caleb is Mr. Popular this Insta-friday!  He had to have his 1st filling done this week. He was a champ! His dentist is pretty awesome though so that helps a ton! He’s like a real life Goofy Smile


A new smile & new shades from Dr. Kyle!


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