Monday, May 2, 2011

Flower Power!

Do you ever wonder if sisters have a unspoken connection?  Let me say I didn't talk to my sis all weekend long and when I checked her BLOG today it was titled 'Flower Power Week'!  She had created flower out of fabric all weekend and what do you supposed I did this weekend?!  I don't have a week full of them but I do have this awesome necklace from a tutorial HERE.  Check it out!
How Cute is IT?  And it was SOOOOOO easy!
I picked up this T at Walmart a couple years ago after V-day on clearance for $1.  Honestly I got it for my husband thinking it was fun and cute and he'd wear it to work.  Let's say he didn't find it as 'fun and cute' as I did.  So Sunday night I took it back and now I have a necklace and a throwback workout T for over my tanks!

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  1. Are we awesome or what?! I love your bib necklace! Did you get your chain for $3 at wal mart? Wonder how I knew that? Stay tuned to my blog ;) We really are awesome ya know!


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