Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flower Power Week! Day 4 - Springy Yo-yo Flowers

Flower Power Week!
Day 4
Springy Yo-yo Flowers
These are called yo-yo flowers. If you've never made a yo-yo before & want to know how, go ask yo' momma or grand-momma (or google it...). I bet they know how.

You can layer them as little or as much as you want & then stick a button in the center to finish them off to look like a flower.
It's okay if at first sight you're shielding your eyes from all the PINK. Ha! I'm a pink fan so what can I say?!  You're probably already assuming that my husband doesn't like this wreath &'re right.  But that's okay. I'm loving it enough for the two of us! And I'm pretty sure that my sister-in-law will be happy to steal it off my porch one of these days. She's a bigger pink fan than I am!

 Funny fact about this wreath is that the material I used for it came from a skirt that I no longer wear. I wore it for my bridal shower nearly six years ago & I loved that skirt! But...after 3 kids it just doesn't FIT like it used to, ya know? 
It sure made a pretty summery wreath though so I'll continue to enjoy it! AND hopefully the guests that come to my door will enjoy it too!
Next I need to add some LIVE flowers to my steps & porch but for cryin' out loud it STILL hasn't warmed up! We had a frost advisory last night so these will continue to be the only flowers you'll see outside at my house until this non-sense is over with.

Now be honest with me...what do you think?
If I don't see any comments I will assume that you're all siding with my husband...

I'm partying here today...


The Girl Creative


  1. LOVE this Julie!! You are SO creative and there are a million girls who would love to have this. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

    Love ya, Nicki

  2. I have to disagree with Andy, it's FABULOUS! Great job Julie.

    My mom is definitely not a sewer and has no clue how to make these... you'll need to do a tutorial on ALL of the flowers you've made because I LOVE THEM! I mean, please can you do a tutorial :)

  3. Julie, I love it! I would love one of those hanging next to my door!

  4. So cute! I love yo-yo's and the bright punchy colors you used! I found you through Sundae Scoop:) I'm your newest follower:)

  5. I really love it! I haven't had time to put a spring/summer wreath out yet, and this is the perfect inspiration! I hope you'll stop over and link up to Momspiration Monday:

  6. I love the wreath! So pretty:) The colors are so summery. Beautiful!! I am a new follower. Lovin' your blog:)

  7. I just found you through CraftOManiac... and I'm loving your blog! Stop by my place sometime if you'd like:


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