Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tasty Tuesday!!

Have you seen this product on your store shelves?  Or maybe you have the $1 off coupon in your coupon folder?   Pillsbury Easy Frost $3.68 at Wal-Mart (pre-coupon)
We needed to make some cupcakes this week so I thought I'd give it a try.  It looked easy enough...  IT WAS AWESOME!!  Its the same product in the jar only it comes out with no mess & with a pretty design.
I frosted 24 cupcakes with some frosting left over.  
If you have some left over you know you'll wanna try this... (kids thought this was great!!!)

Have a tasty Tuesday!
Check back tomorrow for 'What I Wore Wednesday' 
(this time for real, I even have my Kentucky Derby Hat to show off!)


  1. Kentucky Derby hat? I will definitely tune in...you and Julie are so brave...I don't like taking pictures of myself PERIOD.

  2. Me either! Its def tough for me since I'm not a 'skinny' chic but I generally feel really comfortable in my own skin so I figure why not?! My biggest battle is hair/make-up I just don't have time or really care that much.
    Now you my Dear Donna are gorgeous I can't imaging why you would be camera shy!!


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