Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun at the Thrift Stores...

My oldest and I did a little Thrifting tonight.  We always have fun just the two of us - she loves to dig through the clothing and find all the Justice & AERO bargains.  Since our closets are literally overflowing right now we passed on all the clothing finds...  We are still working on decorating the new bedrooms (I can't wait to show you the antique dresser makeover I did.  It's perfect, I love it!  I just need to snap some pics of it...)

Here is what we scored tonight!  3 Shadow boxes (.99, .89, .79)
 Scarf holders!!  I have been watching clearance racks for 2 of these for the girls rooms!  A coat of spray paint and they'll be perfect (.99 each)
Giant WOODEN SPOONS (24" high each) (1.49 each)  I know you think I'm nuts but I can totally see these painted lime green and hanging in my remodeled kitchen.
Cute little Vanity Chair - can't wait to paint her up and sew a little cushion for this lady (2.99)
I spotted this and thought it was adorable but assumed it wouldn't suit my daughters taste ~ she surprised me by showing it to me and asked about spray paint of course!  (2.59)
This is a favorite find.  I have never seen anything like this before.  I believe it is a wig case, but I've never seen a 'hard case' for a wig.  It needs a good scrubbing but will be perfect for toy travel in the car and/or my make-up/hair supplies for a trip. (.99)
My husband loves a back rub, and most of the time I'm happy to help (I went to massage school before having kids).  Thought this would give my hands a break once in awhile (.39)
Grand Total for this trip14.59!!  
Normally I don't find all this in one trip!  If I find a single treasure I'm ecstatic, most days I walk away empty handed by never discouraged. 

Follow me on this Blog to check out all the afters!!  I've got loads of projects in the works and if the weather ever warms up I'll be able to finish most of them soon.


  1. WOW! You sure got A LOT for what you paid. That's awesome!! Where did you go?
    The giant spoon & fork remind me of Everybody Loves Raymond. Marie has some just like it in her kitchen. LOL I agree, they'll look pretty awesome in your remodeled kitchen (someday).
    Awesome deals Chelle! (ps. I didn't Gab loved Aero. We shopped there this weekend & I got 2 tanks for 3.99/each, jeans for Andy 11.99, 2 dress shirts for Andy 5.99/each & I got 2 pieces of AWESOME jewelry 2/$10. I WAS IMPRESSED! I think I LOVE AERO now!)

  2. Wow. I need to start thrifting!

  3. This all came from VW Goodwill. My cart was overflowing I was prepared for a 20.00 grand total (that was my limit so I was hoping it came under).
    I've almost got it all madeover too - will post the pics once the paint dries.

  4. VW Goodwill!?!? Did you notice the oder when you were in there? We stopped in Saturday when we were in town & ohhhmyyyword....Andy stayed for 1 minute & went to the car. It smelled like a fart bomb...

  5. Michele, my name is Dawn Cooper, Mother of Heather Cooper Shelton,she hooked me up with your blog. Your creativity is amazing. I am opening a store in VW called ReHab Fab,we repurpose furniture and whatever we can get our hands on. You are what we are looking for to help stock the store. Please contact me. Heather said that she gave you my contact info. I look forward to seeing you soon.


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