Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mirror Mirror

I love to use mirrors in decoration since they reflect so much light!  Here are a few make-over's from our recent girls room re-do's (full room pics coming soon)
Gold Framed Home Interiors Mirror - Thrifted
This mirror had a back that was screwed into the frame.  I removed the screws, took off the back and popped out the mirror before painting.  I like to paint on boxes since it makes it easy to move the piece while drying (side note - we ♥ Wild Willy's Pizza!)
The after
These little mirrors I found Thrifting (.89 each).  Since they were covered in the back I used an old paper (recycle!) cut slightly larger than the mirror to slide under the frame.  This way the mirror would be shielded from the paint, plus made for easy removal later.
Afters (sorry I don't have a before of the long one)
My  husband found this during a thrifting trip for I believe $3 (shield your eyes from the UGLY carpet - we've rid one bedroom of it - now 1 more bedroom and a whole lotta stairs to go).  If you've seen any great budget friendly stair re-models I'd love to know about them!!  I'm not carpet crazy but haven't been inspired by anything in my budget yet either.
Same technique here as the smaller mirrors - using paper to cover the mirror (this one was glued in)
The after
Its truly amazing what you can do with a can of spray paint! 
(Krylon is my favorite in case you were wondering!)
1. Mask off what you don't want to paint
2. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area
3. Protect yourself (I take my glasses off) and surroundings from over spray.
4. Light even coats - don't try to cover it all in one shot.  It generally takes me 3-4 coats for any given surface (except white add an extra coat for anything white).  
5. Read the can of paint!  It provides time between coats, distance from can to surface, technique suggestions.

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