Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vintage Frames...

I love antiques and reflective pieces in a home... Before we bought our house we were in a turn of the century rental home with lots of Victorian touches.  I loved that house, even the creepy cellar/basement.  It had been completely remodeled - it was beautiful.  The layout, closet space, backyard, ect had lots of draw backs so we opted not to purchase it when we had the chance...  I'd love to pull vintage elements into our more metro modern home but alas I struggle finding the perfect 'mix'.  
Here are a few of the things I've picked up and am going to try to mesh into our more metro modern style...
These came about when I was looking for frames for our 'frame wall'.  It looks like they came from a garage sale or antique store booth (original price $8 each). I thrifted them for 1.99 each.  I am thinking about painting the frame and putting these prints in them...
What do you think?  They'll go in our Sun room that we're making over right now (its in the inspiration/collection phase)
These next 3 paintings (I ♥ these)... I found all 3 together at a Goodwill in Kenton (larger 2 were 2.99 and smaller one was 1.99)
 Sorry the pic is blurry.  If you look closely you can see a couple behind the subjects shoulder off in a meadow together.
 This next one also has people mingling off in the distance.  I love when a painting focuses not only on the immediate subject but also tells a story in the background.
I really thought I'd pop the paintings out and re-paint the frames but it feels improper to separate the two.
I just did some research and found out the Three Framed Prints are by Turner Cydney.  The smaller of the 3 is called 'Garden Party'.  According to the old yellowed price tag on the back of the smaller one it was sold by The May Co (aka Macy's today) in Dept 21 for $2.98.  A few other of his similarly framed prints are listed on ebay for $39.99 each.  
Not bad for a trip to a Thrift Store one snowy Black Friday!

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